The Romance of Candle-Lit Weddings

15. Sep 2016

Though the summer wedding season may be just about done, you may be busy planning your own upcoming nuptials. Whether your aim is to organize a largely symbolic celebration or to go all out and create a lavish event, candles – as versatile as they are – can help you hit the right note.

Tropical Perfection?


Perhaps what you have in mind is a wedding in paradise. Perhaps, what you see in your mind’s eye is a a vast ocean, exotic palm trees (maybe barely swaying, maybe still), warm sand that feels oh-so fine, and the air so thick that it cloaks you in its folds and makes you forget that “poor weather conditions” even exist. Nothing will fit this picture more perfectly than the quiet candle glow pressing gently against the vault of the darkness stretched over you, your betrothed and the people you have chosen as witnesses.

Nordic Alternative?


A quick Google search reveals that as destination weddings go, tropical sunshine tends to win out over the romance of a Nordic setting. Yet, ancient trees of the Old World, majestic mountains, gleaming snowdrifts, shimmery stars or even wondrous northern lights could all be a part of the enchantment of your adventurous wedding escape, should you choose to head somewhere in the Northern hemisphere. And when the time comes to step away from the grandeur of nature and proceed with the ceremony and the wedding feast, the natural light of candles will let the magic of nature trail into your venue and stay there with you.


Hôtel de Glace (Quebec, Canada)

We’re not suggesting a wedding ceremony in a hall of an ice hotel is necessarily the way to go, but you have to admit: icy decor offset by candlelight is quite something else. (One place where you can find this beautiful combination is the Hôtel de Glace, the only hotel of its kind in Canada.) Neither are we trying to suggest that a wedding ceremony must be a nocturnal affair, but these things do tend to go into the night when you will appreciate this additional source of light.

The Triumph of the Candle


When it comes to decoration and illumination, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where a chosen wedding theme and tone wouldn’t be enhanced by the glimmer of candles. Cozy or elegant, low-key or regal – candles have this fantastic ability to take your décor to the next level. Even if you’d rather stay away from traditional motifs altogether, you can just as successfully use candles to accentuate a more modern, edgier look for your big day.

Choosing a Colour – And the Meaning Behind It

19. May 2016

For most of us, selecting a colour for our home or office is a simple design decision: “Does it match my décor?” But beyond this simple question and answer lies a more instinctual reaction. Each shade can elicit a deep-seated and elemental reaction that goes beyond a logical choice based on colour matching.

Colours have been strongly tied to emotions and human behaviour for centuries. Purple, for example, is a standard colour for royalty as it suggested authority, sophistication and power.

There are a variety of subtle differences between the meanings of specific hues, and cultural norms can also play a role in the connotations invoked. There are, however, some basic characteristics that colour psychologists generally agree upon.

So, what subconscious meanings are you suggesting with the Alusi candle you choose?


Happiness | Sincerity | Purity | Perfection

White colour


Sophistication | Mystery | Power | Elegance

Livia G, Saba P & Luna Due - Black

Ruby Red

Passion | Power | Excitement | Love


Blush Pink

Sophistication |Sincerity | Femininity | Unconditional love

ALC Livia Blush 1


Balance | Transition | Logic | Empathy

lamp at a bed

Deep Green

Good Taste | Growth | Harmony | Ambition


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