Alusi Sets

For Gifts and Collectors

The dancing shadows cast by one burning candle are captivating, but when two or even three candles’ flames play off of each other the result can be a revelation. See the full effect of the Alusi® candle designs by displaying complementary candles as part of a thoughtful display of décor and illumination.

These curated sets of our classic white Alusi® candles are sure to make gift givers and receivers alike take joy in their artful silhouettes.

Stated burn times are approximate. Actual burn times may vary based on ambient room conditions.

Luna Una Set White ≈11 hours (total) AC0324
Quadra Family Set White ≈13.5 hours (total) AC0355
Quadra Una Set White ≈8 hours (total) AC0331
Quadra Tre Set White ≈9 hours (total) AC0348
Livia Petit Set White ≈6 hours (total) AC0379
Saba Petit Set White ≈13 hours (total) AC0362