The Grace

A magician allures with the subtle artistry of legerdemain, or sleight of hand. The soft flick and shift of a silk scarf, or the snap of a playing card exposes one of life’s little revelations: There is always more to it than meets the eye. Lela casts a resplendent glow on even the most well-kept secrets.

Embodying the grace and sensuality of the Alusi® collection, Lela begins with a solo flame, her hourglass shape unraveling as she alternates, with singular focus, between one flame and two.

Stated burn times are approximate. Actual burn times may vary based on ambient room conditions. 

Lela 28cm White ≈5 hours AC0027
Lela 28cm Black ≈5 hours AC0034
Lela 28cm Ruby ≈5 hours AC0522
Lela 28cm Blush ≈5 hours AC0799
Lela 28cm Grey ≈5 hours AC0928