The Leaf

To live simply is to surround oneself with objects that combine necessity and pleasure, as a tree offers fruit, shade and shelter as well as a striking silhouette at dusk. Patterned after a shape that’s both purposeful and delicate, Livia is proof of an old adage – all the basic truths stem from nature.

Livia petit and grande are patterned on the elegance of a simple, organic shape. Unlit, each candle portrays the elegance of a single leaf, one of nature’s most elemental designs. Once lit, they become artful wax sculptures, their alternating flames embodying the slow unfurling of a leaf.

Stated burn times are approximate. Actual burn times may vary based on ambient room conditions. 

Also available in an Alusi Set.

Livia petit 16cm White ≈2.5 hours AC0263
Livia grande 25cm White ≈6 hours AC0287
Livia petit 16cm Black ≈2.5 hours AC0270
Livia grande 25cm Black ≈6 hours AC0294
Livia petit 16cm Ruby ≈2.5 hours AC0638
Livia grande 25cm Ruby ≈6 hours AC0645
Livia petit 16cm Blush ≈2.5 hours AC0898
Livia grande 25cm Blush ≈6 hours AC0904
Livia petit 16cm Grey ≈2.5 hours AC1024
Livia grande 25cm Grey ≈6 hours AC1031