The Modern

Two pairs of parallel lines. Four opposing right angles. Designed to appeal to those who believe there is an elemental strength in simplicity, Quadra symbolises balance & stability.

Embodying the modern aesthetic, Quadra una, due and tre demonstrate the complexity of Alusi® multi-wick technology in its simplest form.

Stated burn times are approximate. Actual burn times may vary based on ambient room conditions. 

Also available in an Alusi Set.

Quadra una 11cm White ≈3 hours AC0089
Quadra due 16cm White ≈4.5 hours AC0102
Quadra tre 11cm White ≈4 hours AC0126
Quadra una 11cm Black ≈3 hours AC0096
Quadra due 16cm Black ≈4.5 hours AC0119
Quadra tre 11cm Black ≈4 hours AC0133
Quadra una 11cm Ruby ≈3 hours AC0553
Quadra due 16cm Ruby ≈4.5 hours AC0560
Quadra tre 11cm Ruby ≈4 hours AC0577
Quadra una 11cm Blush ≈3 hours AC0829
Quadra due 16cm Blush ≈4.5 hours AC0836
Quadra tre 11cm Blush ≈4 hours AC0843
Quadra una 11cm Grey ≈3 hours AC0959
Quadra due 16cm Grey ≈4.5 hours AC0966
Quadra tre 11cm Grey ≈4 hours AC0973