Earth Celebration

21. Apr 2017

On April 22 people around the world will be celebrating Earth Day, an annual event that has been growing in popularity since it was first launched by U.S. environmentalists in 1970. Usually this day provides opportunities to engage in activities designed with an element of education, especially the ways in which we can be more caring and considerate towards our planet. But the day’s name also reminds us that – even as we are social creatures living in the age of technology – it is important to take the time to honour our basic earthling nature and core.

To do this, every now and then we need to tune out the noise and reconnect to a simpler life. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to step away from the pressures and complications of modern society! Often, it can be as simple as barring all the usual distractions for a few quiet moments.

Here at Alusi we welcome Earth Day as an opportunity to take some quiet moments in reflection. We salute the earth and light a candle in celebration of our planet, both as a necessity for our survival and in symbolic recognition of belonging to a larger human family.