In the Spirit of Relaxation – the Yoga and Beer Combination

26. Oct 2016

“…and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.” Whether you put stock in the biblical scriptures or your belief system has different roots, the idea of taking a break now and then is pretty universal. When we get low on resources, it’s time to rebuild and recover.


When it comes to relaxation, some of us resort to the old reliable combo of a heady drink and gay company. Others welcome the opportunity to try something different and can end up having to twist and turn their bodies into peculiar configurations (and if you guessed that we’re talking about yoga, you’re right). But this is 2016, when thinking outside the box is expected, which is why you may want to lower those eyebrows that most likely went up at the sight of the heading above. You can probably register for one of these yoga and beer sessions at a brewery somewhere near you.


The reality is that we need our share of the comfortable and habitual, and we are not quite ready to part ways with many stereotypes and gender associations. For reasons such as these, yoga classrooms are largely filled with women, and breweries are still considered mainly the realm of men. By now yoga instructors probably deserve a special mention in dictionary entries for the term “friendly,” but no amount of friendliness in and of itself can convince certain men that yoga is just as suitable and beneficial for them as for women. And even though plenty of women drink beer, and enjoy it, the prevailing idea is still that breweries are where men head while women are sort of welcome to tag along. Enter a yoga class hosted at a brewery, and these preconceptions get muddled up enough for people to put aside their reservations.

The breweries organizing these peculiar sessions tend to adopt a sensible enough approach. Because it is expected that this kind of event is likely to attract people with little prior yoga experience, it’s usually a beginner-level class followed by a beer or even a taster flight included in the price. And when we say “sensible,” we mean that we don’t see anything particularly wrong with this sequence of events. First, you practice some balancing poses and then you grab a beer, to help yourself with maintaining a healthy balance in life, as it were.


Some might have a hard time blessing this union. After all, yoga is presumably what you do when you actively care about your health and beer is what you drink in a dismissive gesture towards this concern. But think of a time when you just tried something new and genuinely enjoyed venturing into the unknown. At moments like this it’s natural to feel exhilarated and eager to share your impressions with others. So, there you are, armed with a refreshing beverage and the knowledge that you are among people who have at least one thing in common with you – either a liking for beer or a fondness for yoga. What’s left to do but strike up a conversation with a fellow budding yogi or a craft beer enthusiast?

When all is said and done, we agree that it is important to practice some form of physical exercise. Yet while some people have an enviable sense of self-discipline to help them stick to their healthy habits, others find it easier to sign up for a class that promises some fun. Even those who may be struggling to see the appeal of yoga can look forward to a rewarding pint and a bit of socializing at the end of a class that takes place at a brewery.