Alusi® Candles – An Old Tradition Seen in a New Light

04. Dec 2012

Alusi Europa Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of Alusi® Candles in Germany and Austria, starting in January 2013. Watch the unique path of wicks that transform each candle as it burns, offering an engaging experience.  Share your life and time with these beautiful candles.

Each multi-flame candle is carefully crafted with a distinct shape, wick structure and burning path, provoking fascination and surprise through the interplay of wax and flame.  Each candle is 100% biodegradable and made from food grade wax with lead-free and zinc-free wicks.

Graham Conway, CEO of Alusi Europa Ltd., said “With Alusi® Candles, we offer a striking collection of multi-flame candles that have revolutionised an age-old design.”

On the world market for the first time, and available in 13 innovative designs, these candles are the perfect gift for candle lovers, meditators or fans of design who look for art in every moment.

Available January 2013. For more information contact:

Natalie Christie
Media Executive, Europe
00800 800 21 800